Why Do I Need a VPN?


What is Privacy Anyway?

Privacy is being invisible. Privacy is not leaving any digital breadcrumbs behind. Privacy is another name for KloudVPN.


What Exactly Is Tracking?

Cookies, device IDs, IP mapping and geolocation, app permissions, etc., are all used to keep tabs on your activities.

Data Securitymdpi

What is Data Security?

Data security means keeping your data secure during transmission and not allowing authorized access to it.

Accessing Websitesmdpi

How About Accessing Websites?

You have unlimited bandwidth, crazy speed, and a global network of servers spread across the globe to do just that.

P2P Filemdpi

How About P2P File-Sharing?

We have dedicated P2P servers in countries where P2P file-sharing is legal by law, so you can download files securely.


How About Streaming?

Absolutely! We have optimized servers for streaming to make sure you get a buffer-free streaming experience every time.

How Does a VPN Work?


A VPN funnels your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel, making your activity private and your access to websites unrestricted. By connecting you to one of our secure, remote servers, our VPN software masks your true IP address and physical location. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, VPNs are simple and safe to use. Take a closer look at how they work: