1) Functionality

A lot of providers have their IP addresses blocked because they aren’t using protocols that are advanced enough. KloudVPN’s client and VPN is all built from scratch in-house and provides the latest security features – ensuring our service is never blocked by any government, school or workplace.

With KloudVPN you can access all the content you want from wherever you are. We don’t have any downtime or disruptions thanks to our cutting-edge protocols. Our VPN service simply always works.

2) Data Logging

Some VPN providers log your data, which completely defeats the purpose of using your VPN as a privacy tool! We don’t keep any data or traffic logs so everything you do with KloudVPN is completely private. Plus, we scramble your IP so no one can know what you’ve been up to online. We’ve got it all detailed and laid out for our customers in our privacy policy.

3) Server Locations

At the time of writing, we’ve got 30 server locations and counting. This is a key factor since you both want a server somewhat close to you because it reduces latency, but also one in the country whose content you want to access.

For example, a French person residing abroad will need his/her VPN provider to have a server in France to be able to access his/her home country’s location restricted media. Additionally, since we’re not US-based, we’re not subject to US laws and therefore we don’t have to hand over any private data to authorities. We’ve got your privacy covered!

4) Mobile Functionality

You will want to make sure the VPN provider that you choose has a service that you can easily and seamlessly use anywhere. Mobile apps are especially important– good thing KloudVPN offers functionality on iOS and Android!

For iOS users, you can enjoy many great, cutting-edge features directly on your iPad and iPhone. Our iOS VPN allows for an automatic reconnection to reestablish your VPN connection if your internet connection drops for any reason. Plus, with just one click on the home button, our app runs seamlessly in the background– so you won’t even notice it’s there!

With our newly improved native VPN for Android, enjoy all the same Windows and Mac functionality straight to your tablet or phone. Benefits of our VPN apps include unblocking streaming content, securing your data, protecting your privacy and last but definitely not least, bypassing online price discrimination to save money on-the-go!

5) Connectivity Protocols

PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN – confusing, right?! What do all these VPN protocols mean and which one should you choose? At KloudVPN, we automatically select the best protocol for you based on maximum speed and security. Of course, we also know how valuable a customized experience can be, so we also allow you to select your VPN protocol of choice.

If you want security, speed and stability all at once, you should use the OpenVPN protocol and we also offer IKEv2, the most advanced and newest VPN protocol. It’s known as the fastest of all the protocols and is secure, stable, and easy to setup.

At KloudVPN we support a wide array of protocols and let all our users choose freely among them without any premium charges, unlike some of the other VPN providers.

6) Price

KloudVPN is competitively priced against our competitors and we offer different pricing packages. With a Premium or Small Business package, you or your family can use KloudVPN on multiple devices simultaneously, making it a great deal for sharing. By signing up for an annual subscription you’ll save up to 40%.

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